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Funny- Stress? Try 1-Click Award

May 26, 2007

Are you feeling stress today?

Wanted to kill your mouse?

Your boss makes you mad, and as if you got a last minute task when u were supposed to go home… imagine he works for you at your click…..

Click Here for more

Enjoy and hope that after you have enuf clicks , you would get some relieve afterall…… 🙂

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Jelutong – Town is being jinx? Is it?

May 26, 2007

Dear Jelutong residents,

Please be X’tra careful while you are on car parks…..

…….. check your breaks ….
….. check your engines….
… and tyres too….
.. anyway, just go to the mechanic shop to have a check up on your cars…..

Why I would say that, coz recently things just happens ?

Want to know more?
N more latest new on the survivor?

Here are some wreckage shot from 25 meters… see how both cars are being crushed? Well, did you realised something…. both of them are Malaysian cars… nvrmind… just 4get about what i grunt….

Just be careful at all times…~
Shopping plunge
Articles on this 25M jump

Source : Archive Site

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Windows – Menu bar/Toolbar Missing in Windows Explorer and/or Internet Explorer

May 25, 2007

One fine day, you load your “favourite browser Mr. Internet Explorer” and realised that the Common Toolbar like
[File – Edit – View – Favourites – Tools – Help] is MISSING

This is how it looks like
Missing Toolbar

Don;t worry , your computer wasn’t being hijack by malicious virus nor killer worm.
Most likely you would encounter this when you are deleting some of the spywares/third party software from the Antivirus server / Spam Spam tool. The removal applications might have removes the .dll or corrupt the windows system files.

All you gotta do is …..

Make sure you do have the administrator access of the current affected computer.
# Close all open Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer windows.
# Start the Registry Editor (Click Start, Run and enter REGEDIT.EXE).
# Go to the following Registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar

For Windows Explorer:

* In the right pane, locate the Explorer sub-key and open it.
* In the right pane, locate the ITBarLayout value.
* Right click this value and select Delete.

For Internet Explorer:

* In the right pane, locate the WebBrowser sub-key and open it.
* In the right pane, locate the ITBarLayout value.
* Right click this value and select Delete.

# Quit Registry Editor.
# Open the affected program (Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer) and verify that you’re Menu bar/Toolbar has been restored.
# If not, repeat steps 1-3.
# Then locate the ShellBrowser sub-key, open it and delete the ITBarLayout value there.

Good the luck to you !

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Road Tax Reduce & Toll Rise in Malaysia

May 23, 2007

Road Tax Reduce & Toll Rise in Malaysia.
Road Tax Reduce

Some Malaysian is very happy with the Road Tax Reduce…

Let us have a look at the simple calculation below…


Road Tax Reduce = RM50 for 1 year

For per day = RM50/365

= RM0.1370/day (WAU!!!!!! What a big saving for Malaysian)

Syabas !!! To our Government!!!

Toll Rise

Imagine a person is using Kesas Highway from Klang To K.L. (To & From)

(That’s mean – using a full package on this Highway)

Past Toll Rate = RM1.50 per toll x 6 tolls = RM9.00 per day

Present Toll Rate = RM2.20 per toll x 6 tolls = RM13.20 per day

Different = RM0.70 per toll

For 1 day = RM0.70 x 6 tolls (To & From)

= RM4.20 / day

Normal Working Days for Normal Person = 240days / year

For One Year = 240days x RM4.20

= RM1008.00 (Different – Old & Present)

If in full Calculation = RM13.20/day x 240 days

= RM3,168 per year

But Some Crazy Guyz Work for 365 days / year

For One Year = 365days x RM4.20

= RM1533.00 (Different – Old & Present)

If in full Calculation = RM13.20/day x 365 days

= RM4,818 per year

For others toll ; you can calculate on your own… using the same method

If Average Malaysian Salary is RM2000.00/mth. (For easy calculation purpose)

That’s means he/she will be spending his/her 2 months salary / year just to pay on his toll.

Syabas !!! To all Malaysian…. For Being Deaf & Dumb….


Are you really happy now?

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EPF – Have you ever wanted to know how much you employee pays you?

May 23, 2007

Feeling cheated by your employee?
Felt unfair about the current pay you are getting?
Why your pay slip is not stated with your EPF deduction?
Are they paying you the right amount?

Here you go , the reference guide for your salary and EPF guide for 2007 for Dear Malaysians Sekalian n for our over the sea countrymen to look at our lowly paid Employee Provident Fund

EPF 2007

Enjoy and if you don;t mind, share it with your friends as well…. Hope this might be resourceful for you~

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Notice Board that might amazed you

May 18, 2007

Can you tell me what do you understand about this?

Don't Squeeze Me
Ladies, are you willing to have a free massage?

farting is good
Are you ready for a farting session?

Watch Out
U might want to place this around your kindergardens, schools .. :p

This board might looks stupid to us, but why not take it a challenge with the goldilock bear 🙂

Where 2 go
I wonder what would happen if this is in malaysian roads… gimme a right, gimme a left and a bang bang car

Why F1 do not have women drivers?
This is why F1 does not have female drivers ? Or are tey really dangerous on the road … hmmmm….

Are you ready?
Blardly cow… trying out a new specimens … here comes the alien… humping on them

Toilet mania
No blow, but can f*ck la is it? 🙂

Have a nice day everyone ! Hope this will brighten up your day!


CISCO VPN – InstallDNE error

May 7, 2007

Have you ever wanted to reimage your machine/reinstall your OS when you would have a solution here…

You would actually encounter this issue when CISCO VPN 4.6 with the DNE Adapter a.k.a. Deterministic Network Enhancer adapter could not be executed properly.

You won;t be able to remove or uninstall the application from registry or even third party application….Anyway, here’s a cleanup tool which i have here.

Do message me if issue still pops up in your life……

Else do download the file from here

till then , this is something how it looks like

DNE error

Good luck and hope it works well for your comp there~

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