Notice Board that might amazed you

May 18, 2007

Can you tell me what do you understand about this?

Don't Squeeze Me
Ladies, are you willing to have a free massage?

farting is good
Are you ready for a farting session?

Watch Out
U might want to place this around your kindergardens, schools .. :p

This board might looks stupid to us, but why not take it a challenge with the goldilock bear 🙂

Where 2 go
I wonder what would happen if this is in malaysian roads… gimme a right, gimme a left and a bang bang car

Why F1 do not have women drivers?
This is why F1 does not have female drivers ? Or are tey really dangerous on the road … hmmmm….

Are you ready?
Blardly cow… trying out a new specimens … here comes the alien… humping on them

Toilet mania
No blow, but can f*ck la is it? 🙂

Have a nice day everyone ! Hope this will brighten up your day!


One comment

  1. Walau.. first pix rocks

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