Jelutong – Town is being jinx? Is it?

May 26, 2007

Dear Jelutong residents,

Please be X’tra careful while you are on car parks…..

…….. check your breaks ….
….. check your engines….
… and tyres too….
.. anyway, just go to the mechanic shop to have a check up on your cars…..

Why I would say that, coz recently things just happens ?

Want to know more?
N more latest new on the survivor?

Here are some wreckage shot from 25 meters… see how both cars are being crushed? Well, did you realised something…. both of them are Malaysian cars… nvrmind… just 4get about what i grunt….

Just be careful at all times…~
Shopping plunge
Articles on this 25M jump

Source : TheStar.com.my Archive Site

Signing Off Now


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