Windows – Unable to unload your profile properly

June 4, 2007

Have you guys encounter the issue with your Windows? Logging off very slow….. it takes longer than ever to unload the current profile….

What are the symthoms?

• A user profile does not unload.
• A roaming profile does not reconcile.
• You reach the registry size limit (RSL).
• You take a long time to log off, and you receive the following message:
Saving settings….
• Backups may not start. There are no errors in the Application log from the Backup program. However, if you see event ID 1524, the Backup has not run.

Here is how it looks like?

All you gotta do is download the following application and install it on your computer?

Do let me know if it makes a difference to your computer? It works for mine afterall…

How to you uninstall it… just go ahead from the Control Panel => Add Remove Programs…….

How do you know if it’s installed properly…… go to Start => Run => type in ‘services.msc’ => locate the User Profile Hive Cleanup and try to catch if the services is started, if yes… good… test it out… if no, right click and choose start…..

Good luck

Signing Off Now


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