Windows – Search Companion cannot be found.

June 14, 2007

You may have encountered an issue when your Start => Search => Popss… an error “A file that is required to run Search Companion cannot be found. You may need to run setup.”

Search Companion Missing

Here would be the solutions for the error message as per displayed.

What’s the route caused?
Windows Components which might be corrupted.

No worries, here you go. It works for me.

Navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Explorer\CabinetState folder.

Go to: Edit>New>String Value.

Right-click the newly created key and rename it to “use search asst” without quotation marks. Click OK.

Double-click the new “use search asst” key and type “no” in the Value data field. Do not use quotation marks.

Close the registry editor.

This is a screenshot showing the subkey named “use search asst” and its value of “no”.

This would be how it looks like.

How it looks like

Restart the computer and see if the Search Menu works for your computer.

Signing Off Now



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  2. your site is very useful to know about how to recover the error ……… your demonstration is so nice and useful to understand….

  3. I am extremely thankful for the above post. I have the same problem and is solved now.

  4. This worked perfectly! Thanks! Gdamn spyware!

  5. it worked for me
    thank you and Wish you happy new year.

  6. Excellent….. Its really helped me a lot at the critical time…. Thx a lot for the solution….

  7. very usefull… thanks… 🙂

  8. THANK YOU! I was in a dead panic about to try to reinstall Windows, since I can’t operate without my search!

  9. thanks, it works, I have the search back

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