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Mid Valley – New Car Park Rates?

June 7, 2007

Mid Valley
Mid Valley

Sunway Pyramid
Sunway Pyramid

Malaysia market did boom as well as most of the supermarket or shall i say all hypermarkets…. like Mid Valley, Sunway Pyramid and not forgetting One Utama…

Now they are also increasing the price to masuk ke dalam….. (enter the building to shop) ….

Here goes the list of price

If you were to be there

0700 to 1200 (midnight) per day per entry
Weekday Weekend/Public Holiday
First 3 hours RM1 RM3
Subsequent hour RM1 RM1
Maximum charge per day RM7 RM9

1200 midnight to 0700 per entry per day
Weekday Weekend/Public Holiday
Flat rate RM1 RM1

Another special note:-
If you were dragging your time, though of running away from queuing up at the end of shopping… sorry la… u can’t .. coz in between 20 minutes of grace period , you are required to back to the counter to redeem your exit.

Therefore make sure you drift out n dun drive like aunt … ( All this not applicable for Zone G and H)

And if you clever clever lost your card: get ready RM 50 for the security….. to makan donuts……

All this are taken place effective 26th of March 2007.

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Road Tax Reduce & Toll Rise in Malaysia

May 23, 2007

Road Tax Reduce & Toll Rise in Malaysia.
Road Tax Reduce

Some Malaysian is very happy with the Road Tax Reduce…

Let us have a look at the simple calculation below…


Road Tax Reduce = RM50 for 1 year

For per day = RM50/365

= RM0.1370/day (WAU!!!!!! What a big saving for Malaysian)

Syabas !!! To our Government!!!

Toll Rise

Imagine a person is using Kesas Highway from Klang To K.L. (To & From)

(That’s mean – using a full package on this Highway)

Past Toll Rate = RM1.50 per toll x 6 tolls = RM9.00 per day

Present Toll Rate = RM2.20 per toll x 6 tolls = RM13.20 per day

Different = RM0.70 per toll

For 1 day = RM0.70 x 6 tolls (To & From)

= RM4.20 / day

Normal Working Days for Normal Person = 240days / year

For One Year = 240days x RM4.20

= RM1008.00 (Different – Old & Present)

If in full Calculation = RM13.20/day x 240 days

= RM3,168 per year

But Some Crazy Guyz Work for 365 days / year

For One Year = 365days x RM4.20

= RM1533.00 (Different – Old & Present)

If in full Calculation = RM13.20/day x 365 days

= RM4,818 per year

For others toll ; you can calculate on your own… using the same method

If Average Malaysian Salary is RM2000.00/mth. (For easy calculation purpose)

That’s means he/she will be spending his/her 2 months salary / year just to pay on his toll.

Syabas !!! To all Malaysian…. For Being Deaf & Dumb….


Are you really happy now?

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EPF – Have you ever wanted to know how much you employee pays you?

May 23, 2007

Feeling cheated by your employee?
Felt unfair about the current pay you are getting?
Why your pay slip is not stated with your EPF deduction?
Are they paying you the right amount?

Here you go , the reference guide for your salary and EPF guide for 2007 for Dear Malaysians Sekalian n for our over the sea countrymen to look at our lowly paid Employee Provident Fund

EPF 2007

Enjoy and if you don;t mind, share it with your friends as well…. Hope this might be resourceful for you~

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