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ABA693 Updates from Blackberry KeyOne

July 13, 2018

I received a prompt on 4th July 2018 on my KeyOne as I’m still on AAY819 version. As promised by the developer, security updates will always be there, so I’m thrilled to see what’s on its way.


My initial thoughts, well that would be great as Oreo updates is on its way as it has been announced and deploying to other great smartphones which will have plenty of great features too which I seen thru some blogs.


Curiosity level were pretty high, so proceed to hit on the button!

Updates kicks in and with a multiple reboots on the KeyOne, i guess its attempting to kick in those security updates + Oreo. Upon the final boot up, i quickly check my toy and unfortunately, it didn’t happen so I’m still stuck with my Nougat. I guess this round is just a security updates with lots of hidden enhancements/tweaks of the solid toy!


Upon that, I start to feel that the OS is no longer that responsive, laggy, and was worried on what should I do to roll back to previous stable version. It even start to chew my battery 1% within 30 seconds!

Immediately I went thru Crackberry and Google search engine to check if there were any similiar concerns pertaining to the updates, it turn out that there are lots of negatively feedback that we should not install it till a few months later. At that point of time, I was like OMG, this is crazy!

My next thought is, should I format back to Factory setting and see how it goes! – That didn’t happen.

I proceed to do the Clear Cache from the Settings -> Storage -> Internal Shared Storage -> Cache Data -> Clear it – like what others in the forum would suggest while keeping fingers cross that it work – but that didnt turn out well as well. I struggled thru my slow hungry updated version for 2 freaking days till I thought of another idea. Why not go into Safe Mode and see what other ways to calm me down.

Next I proceed to do the reboot into Safe Mode to Purge the Cache, by holding the Power Button + Volume Up and Volume Down for more than 10 seconds before it bring me to a Safe Mode Option! + Clear Cache again.

Did a reboot and voila!

The machine went into solid mode and the battery mode is like WTH! 4 days! and like a scrolling thru the keyboard like a boss!

Previous version : It was slightly thirsty that can last me up to 2 full days on a single charge but I just cannot imagine what amazing stuff, the developer did/tweak to stimulate this toy to have a 4 days!  Wow! Keep it up TCL and Blackberry!

Stay tuned and hopefully more +surprises on its way!





Let’s Kick off with a welcome note

April 23, 2007

Welcome to what you might need and needless to say….. might be a place u would like to drop by on daily basis! Articles posted up ain’t as per expected…. but I am sure I will be posting it on daily basis to keep ya updated…..